POS Development

NES will develop its own POS and deliver it to East Asia. POS completion will be completed in October 2019.

NFC & RFID Technology Implementation

It will be piloted in Korea, the world's most widely used, and will be used in major markets in China, Korea and Japan.

Mobile Gift Vouchers Purchase Payment System 

NES will work with mobile gift vouchers (MGV) to build MGVs for purchase with NES coins. This MGV is a mobile coupon you can buy throughout convenience stores and real life.

Advantages of NES

NES will not manipulate or jump coins. No artificial control. Quotes will be formed according to market logic and will do our best to protect the assets of investors. Investors who invest directly in NES use virtually no risk because their debit card is used as it is. Moreover, at the same time, NES coins will be paid.

* NES does not deceive investors with its promise of brilliant technology. Only technologies that can be implemented are listed, and NES strives to expand its sales network rather than technology-based infrastructure.

Protocol:POW(Proof of Work) + POS(1% 1/year)(PoS)
Block Time:1 minutes
Block Rewards:0.005
Total supply : 7,000,000,000
Stake:1% per year depending on difficulty
Stake Weight:2/14 min/max days
Stake Threshold:10 days
Fee:0.0001 Coin
Difficulty Retarget:16 minutes or 8 blocks